What’s an Antipode?

Jessica created the Antipode form of poetry in 2015. Inspired by both “reverse poetry” and the palindrome, Antipodes are poetry that can be read word by word both forwards and backwards. For instance, a line might read:

Prisons ruined the lies inside
              in Antipode:
Inside lies the ruined prisons.

Try it Out!

Paul Sztajer of Equal Reality created a free online tool to help everyone create Antipodes.
Try it out for yourself.

Check it Out in Virtual Reality!

Jessica’s collaborated with co-founder of Equal Reality, Brennan Hatton, to create a VR experience of antipodes available here.

Antipode Commonalities:

  • Fragment sentences
  • Meanings are often reversed when read in Antipode position (reverse)
  • Grammar in Antipode position must be inferred
  • Word play. For instance, “lie quiet” might be read in Antipode as “quietly”


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